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Christina Maslach, Ph.D.

Professor Maslach is renowned for her groundbreaking work in the study of occupational burnout, a critical issue in healthcare and other high-stress professions. She co-authored the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), the most widely accepted tool for assessing burnout, and developed the Areas of Worklife Survey, pivotal in understanding job-person mismatches in various sectors, including healthcare​.

Her career, marked by a strong focus on the interplay between individual well-being and organizational health, has seen numerous contributions through books like "Burnout: The Cost of Caring," "The Truth About Burnout," and "Banishing Burnout: Six Strategies for Improving Your Relationship with Work." These works emphasize the importance of creating conducive work environments and the role of organizations in preventing burnout​.


Her current research delves into developing a conceptual model of the burnout process, focusing on the interaction between personal, social, and workplace variables. This work is especially relevant for healthcare settings, where burnout is prevalent. By identifying six core dimensions of job-person mismatch, her research offers actionable insights for healthcare institutions to manage and mitigate burnout, fostering healthier work environments.

For physicians, APPs, and healthcare administrators committed to enhancing well-being programs and combating burnout, Professor Maslach's insights offer a scientifically robust and practically relevant framework. Her approach, emphasizing the role of the work environment in employee wellness, aligns closely with the challenges and needs of modern healthcare settings.

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