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Call for Speakers

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being is seeking engaging, charismatic speakers to present at the 2024 Joy & Wholeness Summit at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. Our 2024 selected speakers will reflect a diverse body of healthcare professionals that target five main categories of attendees: Plenary Session, Women Physicians, Well-Being Leadership, Graduate Medical Education, and Advanced Practice Providers.


Selected speakers will provide innovative, original programs, reportable results, and cutting-edge solutions addressing organizational efforts to enhance physician and APP well-being across all levels and teams in a system.


Speaker proposals will be reviewed by the Coalition for Physician Well-Being Conference Planning Committee. During the review process, the committee will assess proposals based on the following criteria: business and quality, culture, resilience, learning, and innovation.



In order to be considered, all fields must be completed. Proposals with missing fields may not be considered by the selection committee. The Conference Planning Committee reserves the right to advance a speaker proposal to an interview round prior to final decision. These interviews will be scheduled via the email provided by the applicant and conducted virtually. 


Speaker Profile

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SUBMISSION COMPLETE.Please consider this message a confirmation of your application. A member of the Speaker Search Committee will contact you with next steps, if an interview is to be scheduled. Thank you for your interest in the Joy & Wholeness Summit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring a co-presenter to speak with me if I am selected? A: We encourage all speaker applicants to list any co-presenters at the time of application in the form fields provided. In order to accommodate all of our speakers appropriately, we ask that there be no more than two (2) speakers total per application.

Q: I was selected for the interview round! What do I need to prepare for the interview? A: First off, congratulations! Being selected for an interview means that your presentation topic interested our selection committee, and we want to learn more. For the interview portion, at least two (2) members of our selection committee will connect with you virtually via Zoom. Our committee members may ask questions regarding the presentation topic you proposed, as well as information regarding your expertise in provider well-being to help align you to the right presentation track. The interview will be recorded to assist our committee in making a final decision. All speakers listed in the application must be present for the entire duration of the interview. Applicants/co-presenters not present during the interview may be disqualified from presenting at the conference that year.

Q: If I am selected to speak, what format should my presentation be submitted in? A: For our master slide deck, we ask all selected speakers to submit their presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT). Detailed instructions for submitting your presentation, including due dates, will be sent by a member of our team after the selection period ends. Failure to submit your presentation as a PPT may result in loss of formatting and other features in your final presentation.

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